Video marketing is a trend happening right now

Just have a breakfast meetup with my former colleague Zoey Ting and her business partner Wesleeyh Lee last week, both are the Co-founders cum Directors of a company which runs digital content and marketing platforms and printed magazine.

I am impressed by their aggressiveness. To me, both are not just thinkers with innovative concepts and brilliant ideas, but determine to be the Doers, aim to make things happen.

Their team is running an online platform named BorneoVoice which aims to cover stories on the happenings in Malaysia Borneo. Their members wish to store the memories and interesting stories of Borneo and share them with the next generation. They are now also collecting bloggers’ meaningful content in the forms of write-ups and videos to share with the public. Apart from that, the team also collects stories through interviews, video recordings and post content on the platform. Freelance bloggers are invited to join.

Besides the monthly publication of goSibu printed magazine, Zoey Ting, Wesleeyh Lee and their team are operating the on-line sibuDEAL and kuchingDEAL, it looks like they are in the process of setting up kotakinabaluDEAL, miriDEAL and bintuluDEAL. These are mainly town guides, including various recommended attractions, basic information for all the fun, foods, entertainments, at the same time, these platforms incorporate with the local business operators to link up businesses and consumers under each platform.

In our previous meetups, I have learned from Zoey Ting about their business model, especially for the monetization of contents as well as how far was their progress. Last week, we discussed more on online video production and how to generate content for visual presentation. The problem of getting local KOLs is extremely tough.

I must say personalized content marketing is having its mounting pressure to the market, to prioritize video in the provision of such professional service is definitely Right and Wise. Those who ignore content marketing, especially videos and KOLs could leave them far behind their competitors very soon.

It’s not just a seem-to-be rising trend or an impactful digital momentum in the near future, it’s happening right now. Video marketing is something that market players can’t simply ignore. It’s having more and more lion shares in the sphere of overall content marketing.

According to certain reports, as more and more people are consuming video online by watching on their mobile phones, in general, more than 80% of the marketers are increasingly aware of the importance of video marketing, which will be one of the considerations for their brand and product strategies.

Not only that videos draw more and more audiences, getting more and more attention with increasing eye-balls, for those interacting with social media sites,  they also tend to choose visual content, spend more time watching the video. These are the target audiences whom advertisers urge to drive engagement.

If you think you have the talent, you have the zeal, well, Zoey Ting and Wesleeyh Lee are in Sarawak to help you to get groomed.